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Welcome to Jamarac Automation, your one stop shop for PLC and Robot programming.

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PLC Programming performance In fact, programming is all we do, making us familiar with a wide variety of robot and PLC applications, from cleanrooms, to food processing, to high speed manufacturing, to county-wide water/wastewater control, Jamarac has done it and is up to the task.
We pride ourselves on providing the best PLC, Robot, HMI and SCADA programming at exceptional value. We won't be satisfied until your programming is the best it can be. If your automation is not reliable, not user-friendly, or even worse the "speed bump" in your manufacturing process, it is costing you, and/or your customers, time, resources, reputation, and/or money, you fill in the blank.
Troubleshooting Is your automation not quite automatic?

Are your maintenance staff "flying blind" because of a PLC without an HMI?
Why settle for 6 widgets every 8 seconds when you can have 6 widgets in 6 seconds. Read a customer success story.
Data Acquisition
Do you know what is happening on you plant floor in real time, or are you using pencils and clipboards? We can make your life easier.

The equipment you send to your customers reflects upon you. Be sure you exceed their expectations.

Give us a call for your PLC and robot programming needs, and learn its not the automation that makes the difference, its the programmer behind it. 2 robot programming

Where automation becomes automatic.


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