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PLC Programming Optimization

     Several years ago, we were fixing a problem regarding a widget making machine that would stop sporadically for no apparent reason. The machine had recently had an automated robot loader interfaced with it, changing from a manual process. While fixing that problem, and watching the machine cycle, we noticed several points in the sequence of the machine where it appeared to be doing nothing. An optimization project was undertaken to determine the cause, in an attempt to increase production by eliminating the dead time.

     First the PLC program was investigated, and found to be utterly lacking. The program was the cause for the sporadic stops, and also the source of much wasted time. It was determined that since the system was not that complex (250 lines of code), a complete program rewrite would be more cost effective than fixing the old one.

     The program was re-written, after which, it was found that now the machine was running faster than the robot loader attached to it. We optimized the robot paths and process, and the results are shown below.

Be aware there was no physical changes made to the machine or robot, just inefficient PLC and robot programming was corrected for a production increase of 39%.

     This programming was then implemented on two other machines of the same type, for a total widget production capacity increase of 23 million/yr. 

     What would similar results mean for you?

Contact us for your PLC and robot programming needs, and learn its not the automation that makes the difference, its the programmer behind it. 2 robot programming

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