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PLC Programming

Allen-Bradley SLC-5/04 PLC with vision system.

Jamarac is dedicated to providing the best possible programming solution to your PLC problem or application. From initial engineering services to final commissioning, or debug of existing programming problems, we are up to the task.

Jamarac has years of experience with a wide variety of PLC's in a large number of applications. Our staff has worked in clean rooms, paper mills, water treatment plants,  food processing plants, and all are success stories. Logix 5000 PLC program
Control Logix, 8 servos, dual ethernet

Jamarac has programming experience with: Allen-Bradley PLC's (Micrologix, SLC, Flexlogix, Controllogix), GE PLC's (90-30,90-70,Versamax), Honeywell PLC's, Automation Direct PLC's, and other PLC's as well. If we can't program it, we probably know someone who can.

Where automation becomes automatic.

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